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This website is our flag ship of SGC.. We take great pride in providing customer service to individuals and businesses alike. As a provider of many services.. You can turn to SGC whenever you have a computer problem. SGC also designs, creates and hosts your personal or business websites. If you are in need of a Graphic arts, Logo design or flash creation 
(such as the animations on the bottom of this page) we have the staff to fulfill all of your website and computer needs..

Snow’s Global Connections is proud to have now partnered with Priority 1 Protection as a Independent Marketing Representative.. P1P is a premier Home Automation company offering consumers a wide range of products and services to not only automate your home but secure it as well.. The P1P mission is to provide a quality home protection  that allows the home owner peace of mind in the palm of your hand achieving the quality of life we all desire. P1P was founded on five basic principals.

Integrity, Respect, Security, Protection and Family

Snow’s Global Connections has now also expanded into Sports Training. SGC Sports is the place for the athlete or if your goal is to just get in shape. We provide custom sports training programs, expert coaching and the latest in sports therapy, all in an intense, high-energy environment. Every person who takes advantage of our training methods and is trained by SGC Sports personal, are treated like an elite athlete. We appreciate our role in the athlete’s life and have committed our practice to focus on a family feel relaxed approach. Our emphasis is on the highest quality and personal training and conditioning that will help you in every day life. When you’re with SGC Sports you’re not just a client your a part of the SGC Family.


Our knowledge and experience has shown us that our Affiliate program will expand our touch with the millions of viewers throughout the internet.. We will partner only with the Best. We will do all of the Research so you do not have to.. You will always be able to get advise on whatever you are looking for.. If its A Business Partner you want or some advice on a good Security Camera System then we will have the places for you.. Just leave the work to us and enjoy life as much as you can..

If TV and cable is your forte, visit our satellite link to see the GREAT deals and special offers we have available for Dish Network and Direct TV installations.

The Friends and Associates page has links to our various clients and customers. Please send us an email if you’d like your link added to this page.

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